One of the essentials of Plywood: Poplar Tree

One of the essentials of Plywood: Poplar Tree


The most important feature of poplar trees, which can be grown easily in damp and humid environments, is their rapid growth. They are known as their soft, rough and brittle structures.
In our country, there are 6 types of poplar, including black poplar, white poplar, gray Poplar, trembling poplar, cypress poplar and Euphrates poplar. It is one of the tall tree varieties, although its height varies according to its type. The length of some poplar species in our country reaches up to 30-40 meters, while the length of some species is around 10-12 meters.
The largest poplar forests of our country are located in Terme District of Samsun province. In the world, Canada has the largest production of poplar.


Poplar is one of the tree types with a wide range of usage and is also has a usage in block boards. It connects well with glue and it’s easy to paint. It can be used as cladding, plywood, hardboard and building timber.

Market of Poplar Trees

The manufacture and use of plywood from poplars is quite common due to its light weight and price. Poplar plywood produced from both domestic and imported high quality poplar trees in our country, can also be produced from WBP glue according to the demand. Poplar plywood is used effectively in many areas such as construction sector, interior design of automobiles, packaging sector, roofing, hobby material, machine model mold material and door manufacturing. When choosing, quality plywood with a smooth surface and no cracks or snags should be preferred.
It’s sold as solid and plates. Timber must be measured according to hardwood standard. It is adjusted according to body sizes. It is used as a primer for coatings of thickness ranging from 0.8-5 mm.
Poplar plywood prices vary according to their size and can be provided with very economical budgets compared to other plywood types.
As part of the fight against erosion, poplar trees planted along with willow trees on the sides of fields, vineyards and gardens on the sides of rivers and streams have also great importance in preventing the loss of arable fertile soil.
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