Beech Tree in Plywood

Beech tree is a valuable variety of forest trees that can be included in the Fagace family in the plant kingdom. Beech trees are forest trees that shed their leaves in winter. Beech trees live up to about 750 years and their length can be up to 40 meters. Its light gray or dark gray colored bark ensures that the trees remain flat and smooth without cracking throughout their life.

Beech tree is a tree that grows naturally in our country. It is possible to come across Eastern Anatolia and Eastern Black Sea regions in our country. However, the fact that it is a tree that European countries show great interest in has led to the cultivation of different varieties. It is possible to count 10 types of beech trees known worldwide. These include beech wood varieties such as European beech, American beech, Chinese beech. The name of the country where it grows is also known by the names of these countries by growing in countries such as South China, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan. Beech Tree, which has many areas of use, is used as a natural health recipe and as a wooden material.

Features of the beech tree;

It is tight and thin. It is a medium hard wood. It has good resistance to physical effects. It is difficult to cut, usually well processed. If it is dried well, the cracking rate decreases. It is flimsy in the open air, it will rot in a short time. It is easily destroyed by insects and microorganisms. The connection with nails and screws is weak. It adheres well with glue. It holds paint very well, varnishes well.

If it is necessary to talk about usage areas; beech wood is a good furniture tree. Valuable furniture materials are obtained from beech wood. It is often used in plywood production.

Beech plywood or papellar is also used in the production of furniture (chairs) in inclined shapes by printing in special molds. thickness
It varies from 4 mm to 18 mm depending on the usage area. Robustness, smooth processing, natural-decorative appearance are among the advantages.

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