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About to Use of Polywood

Plywood is a wooden material that finds its own use in many sectors, primarily furniture.
Plywood, namely plywood, is one of the strongest materials among wood materials. Even solid wood is stronger. The most important reason for this is that it emerges as a single piece layer from itself, not from the trash of the tree, and is formed by crossing multiple layers together. In addition, the strong glues that join the layers and the extra coating placed on it further reinforce its robustness.
Choosing person thinks solid wood is the best material in terms of strength. But plywood is even better than natural wood for durability. Because it is evenly distributed and pressed all over. So there is no space inside. It is more resistant to impacts.
Plywood is a lighter material than furniture materials such as chipboard and mdf and natural wood materials. Being a lightweight material does not decrease its strength and strength. On the contrary, light material is easier for business purposes in special furniture decorations.
It is a situation that the material used in the furniture industry as in other sectors should be in one piece and sufficient size. For this, materials such as plywood are produced in large sizes. But this is not possible in natural woods.
Generally, plywood plates are produced in our country larger than 1.5 * 2 meters in size. It is a feature that increases the fragmented element strength of the applicable material. It is also a caftan.
Due to the structure consisting of plywood cross layers, it is very skilled in holding materials such as nails and screws. Separation in natural woods with screw and nail studs does not occur as well as plywood. It has managed to keep this fastening screws steady for many years.
It contains a high cost (strength, strength, large size) material in plywood colors, less cost in the long run. On the other hand, compared with solid wood, the price is low accordingly.

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